Welcome to the DeVry-Kansas City Learning Wiki!

Welcome to our newest community!

What is it?

The DeVry-Kansas City Learning Wiki is a place where you can discover, share, and refine ideas and practices related to teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at DeVry's Downtown and South locations in Kansas City.

As a wiki, the content on this site is open to editing, so please correct, refine, and add your own expertise to what's here. We've started with a page on learning theories as ground zero for this effort. Additional sections in the works include Games & Activities, Icebreakers & Openers, Enhancing TDAs, Video, News & Commentary on Learning and Education, Professional Organizations, and General Links. If there's anything you'd like to see, please speak up!

This wiki also offers a forum, linked above, where we can interact to share, vent, and offer support. Current forum topics include:

  • Learning games
  • Short & sweet (learning activities in five minutes or less!)
  • Time savers
  • Professional development
  • IPPs (individual performance plans)
  • IDPs (individual development plans)
  • Classroom management
  • Student support services
  • Policies & procedures
  • General DeVry information
  • Suggestions to improve the wiki
  • Questions about the wiki

The goal is to make all pages editable by any member of the community. If you see something that's unclear, inaccurate, irrelevant, underdeveloped, or just plain wrong, PLEASE share your expertise to make it better!


During the Summer 2009 Session B training for DeVry's new blended learning model, Mark Long suggested we establish some way to sustain the spirit of collaboration that developed and thrived during that short time. The result of that suggestion is what you see here. Thanks for the push, Mark!

How Can I Contribute?

The navigation pane to the left includes links to a number of helpful pages and tutorials on wikidot. Each "editing" screen contains shortcuts for the most common code elements. Moving your cursor over each one prompts a pop-up that identifies its function. After some initial planning, I put together this welcome, the "Theories of Learning" page, and the forums in a few hours. With several of us adding and contributing a little bit at a time, we should have an amazingly robust resource in no time!

The goal is to have a wide variety of contributors who add and refine engaging, relevant content to help us improve as teachers, and to help our students better achieve their academic and career goals.

If you don't have membership information for the wiki, please e-mail ssingleton (at) devry (dot) edu, and I'll get you set up as soon as possible. If you'd like to help as an administrator here, I would appreciate anyone willing to help share the load!

Recent Updates!

10/20/09: Eileen Nance has uploaded the latest revision of the Blended Learning Guidebook!
10/23/09: Two new videos from TED.com

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