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Here are the current tutors and their AOEs (Areas of Expertise):

Gabriel Dunteman-Entrance exams, EET Major, tutors just about everything

Logan Graves-Entrance exams, Senior business major, accounting

Chelsea Murphy-Entrance exams, Keller business major, accounting

Cassie Schuchman-Entrance exams, Web Graphic Design major

Mike Vanderhofe-Networking

Nick Woods-BE Senior major, specializes in Math

Amber Gregston-Networking but tutors Math and English

James McCrory-CIS major but tutors just about everything

Chris Post-Senior CIS, going to Keller next session

Deb Loyd-CIS major but tutors just about everything

Dianne Cropp-Becker accounting, this is her last session

Megan Shrewsbury-Accounting

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